Therapeutic Approach

I seek to provide a safe environment for my clients to explore thoughts and feelings about both their present and their past. Although it is always my initial goal to provide clients with an experience and specific tools that help to facilitate healing in their current life, generally it is important to the therapeutic process that I understand the client's perspective on the journey that brings them to their present place in life. As I begin to understand a client's feelings about their journey, I can begin to offer reflections that may assist in connecting patterns and creating new paths.

It is also important to note that although the lens I generally view treatment through is psychodynamic I can be eclectic in my approach and will at times utilize interventions that are more cognitive behavioral or systemic in origin. For example, when treating Postpartum Depression (PPD) I will initially focus on tangible ways to think and act differently to help begin to alleviate symptoms and will move to greater discussion of the client's history if and when it begins to appear that it will be helpful to the client's understanding of and recovery from PPD.

Services Offered

I provide a variety of clinical services to clients aged 18 and up including individual, couples, marital, and family therapy. If you contact me to inquire about counseling, typically, I like to spend a bit of time getting to know you over the phone and getting a basic understanding of what you hope to achieve through the therapeutic process. At that time, I can also answer any questions you may have about counseling in general and about my practice. Additionally, we can discuss fees and I can help you discern if your medical insurance may be used to cover a portion of my fee. If I am not a provider for your specific insurance, there are frequently out of network benefits that may apply. Please call me with any questions you may have. If I cannot be of assistance to you, then I am happy to make referrals.

I am also an experienced educator and corporate trainer and would be happy to speak with you about educational resources that I may be able to provide to your organization, church, or business, related to couple relationships, parenting, and perinatal mood disorders.